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"ai" was founded in 1989 by CEO Mr.Zafar Iqbal started as a manufacturer of Cordura Clothing. In inception it only manufactured Cordura Clothing but after some years an evolution came out to make motorcycle clothing too.

Now "ai" has become the professional leading manufacturers of all type of Motorbike Clothing, Moto Cross, Fashion and it is constantly innovating professional clothes for the bikers to meet their needs. We have worked extremely hard to establish "ai" as the brand to the international market and we intend to preserve and enhance upon this recognition status. This label, "ai" has ensured quality, durability, novelty and prompt delivery in the European market. Following features make us Unique.

  • Upgrading technology day by day.
  • Improving employee’s skills by training.
  • Quality control and assurance system.
  • Quick, Prompt delivery

Our Services

Image 1 Standard and Custom Size Chart: We are providing design facility.  We also can provide to you custom sizes as per body measurement.
Image 2 How you can Order us: For order you can Fax or e-mail us, Further you can also send us your own samples or design sketch as per your desire.
Image 3 Feel free to ask any Question: Feel free to ask any question regarding Product information, Prices, Delivery time, and construction process.
Image 4 Design Facility: We also providing design facility along with complete features.

Guarantee and Size Detail

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